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I had been working various places for this company and always performed ultimately. I did some low paying no degree needing positions, I needed the money.

But any ole way, last year I finally got the chance yo put my new found computer degree to use.Even though I had already applied for this position when it was first posted and in plenty of time to be considered, I was informed I was too late.

So, I didn't ponder on that long since I was told it was taken. So my next step is to call in available and roll with the next assignment that I qualified for.

Im a pretty laid back dependable person so I know and do possess everything an employer would want in an overachieving worker rite.

Now let's get to the point in hand here, remember the computer job that was supposed to be taken?all of a sudden out the blue,I received a call from Anna Hicks the branch in Little Rock, Ar Manager.

She told me that the computer job that she previously had filled was open again and it was mine if I wanted it

So here I am super excited to get a job in my field, I have a computer informations degree.

I goes to the office and get all of the assignment details and expectations, not knowing I was about to *** off more than I could chew.

The company was Cameron in Little Rock, Ar they needed an IT person to help upgrade their systems, which consisted of changing out hardware on older computers to be able to accept the upgrade appropriately. I performed a lot of upgrades or change out to thier infrastructure.

Me, anything computer or technical I can learn or have a chance to tinker with I'm all for it.can't wait to start this new assignment. I thought. So, my first day the head guy in the department was taking me around and showing me what was expected and introducing me to staff.

I'm just beside myself thanking, Staffmark finally giving something in my field that I love to do rite?I'm thanking cant nothing kill my spirit, this my field and imma make Cameron super happy with my hard work and total dedication to doing a great job. Rite?

So, the very next day I was in charge of unboxing and setting up the new computer hardware here I am, overly anxious to get started and show these folks what a great find I was rite?What happens next is going to lead to a full 360 of turn of events.Me, Mr. Happy go lucky is ready like an super hyper kid on retlin.just wanna get started on what I was called there to do rite?

So, here I am asking excitedly, about going and setting up this various equipment through out the facility. The more I asked, the more I start to notice, that my atmosphere has started to change drastically slowly but surely.Why do I say this? Cause first of all, I have been around a lot of different people and im almost hyper aware of my surrounding. But mind you, im heavy into the task of unboxing the IT equipment. So much so, that I got it finished waaay earlier than expected. So, as my extremely happy to assist self finished up on the task at hand, I asked"When do I get to do installs and make myself useful"?This is where I start to notice a change in how the direct folks over me, attitudes where different than day 1. There was a feeling of not being wanted there that was evident in the actions from the folks directly over me.What do I mean? Well first of all, as I said, I finished the proposed task way early.So im ready for the next feat. I notice a total difference in the way the direct bosses I worked withattitudes changed. It became real stand offish. And im thinking, "whats going on here"?

I would inquire about what was next? And would eagerly be ready and willing to partake in whatever was on the list. So, as I kept inquiring about the next move, I was asking when did I get to strut my stuff rite?I noticed regardless of all of my anxious pleas to get the motor running, Neither boss was answering all of my hyper, "get er dun" questions. So, I took the initiative to ask them the white guy and white woman, "what do you guys want me to do next"? So my very next task was to upload the new upgrades via a program from plugging in the server.Supposedly, this was to be a simple plug and play operation thats usually how it goes.Now, just like everything in life at times, I ran into a snag, not all of the computers would except this upgrade.So, when I mentioned it to the 2 white folks that was over me, that tried to make it seem like that was all my fault. But mind you, didnt tell me or suggest how to correct the issue.It wasn't until they seen themselves running thin on completion time, that they started giving me methods of correction.And then the lady sent me on a bogus run to check out a printer that she knew was useless and didnt work. I asked her what was the purpose of that? She made no response. I just saying, I could'veused that time wisely. It didnt make any sense to send me on a bogus trip.I even asked, why was assigned to try and assist, if they won't cooperate or at, least show me what needs to be done.Long Story short, I found out the reason the white bosses where not to ready to assist me, is because they were racist, and never had a black guy in their area before. A guy from the plant that had been working there for years, explained the funny reactions and not a lot of help from the White bosses in that department. For me, this isnt a set back, cause I have worked with so many different races and beliefs, I just wanted to do what I do best, work hard and be proud of my work.Anyhow, I was sent out into the factory, knowing this type if field, theres gonna be snags in some set up operations. I called both of the white bosses when such situations did occur. They flatout left me hanging, I called both of them, neither would answer the phone.So I had a long walk back to our area to check to see if they were in the office, evennif they weren't, both have cell phones. Long story short, I informed Staffmart that I do have a handicap, my leg was bone on bone. So it would be noted in case it acted up during the assignment. Guess what? It did start to bother to the point to where is was affecting my ability to perform, so I told the white boss that I do have problems with my leg, but im going to complete my day.Needless to say, I couldn't come back in the very next day due to my knee bothering me pretty bad. So, I texted one of the bosses and let them know I was hurt, but would gladly comeback and help finish the project once I home remedied my knee. So, a few minutes later, Anna Hicks, the Staffmark branch manager calls me and says, dont go back out there(Camron) don't want you to return.So im like what was the reason? She said because my message to ghe bosses was misconstrued, I simple told them I would need a full day to rest and take my prescription pain meds and could return in a day.So, Mrs. Anna Hicks took that job dismissal to heart, and immediately plotted against meShe used to company policy against me so I not only, lost employment with Staffmark but the way said wrote it up was like I didn't call to keep in touch for newer jobs. So this made it seem as though I quite. When she knew that she and I texted our business agreements most of the time. So, why all of a sudden I'm not in compliance with rules we haven't been following? Cause she is prejudice, sent me to the place knowing they were apprehensive about blacks. She needs to lose her job, I need to be compensated for all the time I lost and for giving me a bad name. After all those years of total dedication to Staffmart.We even had a strong dispute about my employment wages, cause Anna said I quite, Icouldn't get the money I worked very hard for. She deserves to be fired, the company reos that mishandled my unemployment case needs to be fired. I'm a great person and worket so I rightfully deserve ever nickle of my money I worked hard for. And never let the Staffmark clan down either. I want justice and all of the thousands of dollars I lost due to a prejudice boss that got mad cause the other prejudice folks didnt want me back. She and Staffmark is gonna pay for the huge mistake. Im going to file a claim.



Monetary Loss: $40000.

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Puyallup, Washington, United States #971894

it seems like you saying unless it goes 100% perfect they are discriminating? Have you thought you just are not a good fit for that position?


It sounds like you have an over inflated sense of worth.Nobody is as perfect as you make yourself sound.

Didn't it occur to you that when the position you had wanted became available so soon, there must be a problem with the company and I don't think it is the race card you are playing? More than likely they are just hard to please. Do you suppose your poor grammar and spelling had something to do with the problems you had at your last job. Also why end sentences with the alleged word "rite?" If you are going to use that word it should be "right." However, there isn't any good reason to end sentences like that.

IF you are such a great employee why don't you find a real job instead of working through a temp service.Somebody that is as highly qualified as you claim to be shouldn't have any trouble going door to door and applying for jobs, then getting a really good job.

to anonymous #832503

You know anonymous you might have a point in some of your statements, but I have worked around enough white people to "know" not assume, how they truly are.I should get a job as a therapist huh?

Wrong. That isn't the type educational back ground I possess. So anyhow, you and I both know how today's work force is.

A fantastic worker as myself, can't knock down doors like I could in the 90's. You know for a fact, that today's business practices have so many unnecessary job stipulations, even the best of the best workers are without jobs.

I'm sure as intelligent as you are you already aware of today's economy and the current business infrastructure.

Sounds like maybe you were totally misconstrued on your opinion about how I vision my abilities.

Though I have to agree I do have the mind-set that has allowed me to many types of jobs on many, many levels.

You stated, if im such a keeper, why do temp jobs? and why I don't work for some big company? Well, here's my ghetto reason for this.

Working for the temps work well for the employee(me) and the employer whomever they may be. For the simple fact that both parties get the chance to test the water and see if you could possibly work with each other on a regular basis. Cause every match up, isn't always a good fit for either party. Honestly, I enjoy the various skills, different atmospheres, and brand new challenges that temp services allow you to do on a Temporary...

Theres rarely been a time where didn't get rave reviews from the assignments. This is because I always give my very best when im sent to represent a company, and this is reflected by the assigned company always wanting me to return. I might think very highly of myself but I can always backup my words with my work ethic. I am honest, brutally.

I take every assignment seriously from the smallest to the tallest. If this grammatically inappropriate, cut me some slack, it should be easy to interpreted. It's not 100% hood and need some black person to explain the lingo. I think a made a just point here.

Also, the people at that last assignment in July of 13, they were prejudice. I know the disposition of these type of people trust me. Thats just like a black person knows not to got to a known redneck biker club, You just know not to.

if you can find flaws in the manuscript, you may need to quite your current profession and become an English teacher.

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to Myron Norman, Oklahoma, United States #916092

I found several flaws in your latest statements.

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